We feel that the best coffeehouse experience starts with the coffee itself, and that means connecting you with an extraordinary roaster. At East Bay Coffee, all of our beans are sourced directly from Mr. Espresso, a Bay area roasting institution since the 70’s.

Neapolitan Espresso
East Bay Coffee uses the Neapolitan blend for all espresso drinks. This fair trade organic blend ensures the most consistent espresso shots with delicious crema framed by a bright floral start ending with a deep rounded finish.  Blending of classic espressos true to the Northern Italy region gives us this timeless classic. True to its roots, Neapolitan Espresso is sure to delight the senses. “Caffettiera Napoletana” or expertly crafted at your neighborhood espresso bar.

BoliviaCenaproc co-op, Caranavi – Fair Trade / Organic
Grown by the Cenaproc Co-op in the Yungas region of Bolivia, this coffee has quickly become a customer favorite.  This is an intense coffee roasted dark, yet just shy of french roast, with good body, low acidity, and a delicate sweet-smoky flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla.

EthiopiaYCFCU co-op, Yergacheffe – Fair Trade / Organic
This award winning washed coffee comes from the Yergacheffe growing region of Southern Ethiopia, which is known for producing distinctively floral and fruit-toned coffees.  This coffee in particular, displays notes of bergamot and lavender, complimented by flavors of sweet citrus and vanilla with hints of berries and chocolate.

Colombia- Fair Trade 
Nariño is located in the southernmost tip of the country, just above the equator, where sun is abundant throughout the year and the soils benefit from the nearby Galeras Volcano. Grown at extreme altitudes topping 2,200 meters above sea level, El Bado is able to thrive because of the warm humid winds that drift up the mountain side. The fruit develops slowly which translates to exceptional bean density and sugar accumulation resulting in a coffee that has very defined berry notes, light acidy and lingering flavors of maple and sweet cream.

Guatemala Guaya’b co-op, Huehuetenango – Fair Trade / Organic
Guatemala consistently produces some of the most well-balanced and clean tasting coffees available.  This coffee from the region of Huehuetenango is no exception. Taken to a slightly darker roast than the other two coffees listed, this coffee displays flavors of cardomom and anise with hints of raw almond, molasses, and sweet chocolate and berries.

Other single origin and gourmet-blended selections will be available seasonally.