What is the vision for East Bay Coffee?
Quite simply, East Bay Coffee exists to help resource people, ideas, and causes that will help champion positive change in our world. We would like East Bay Coffee to be a place where people connect, learn, and grow. Drop in any time for some delicious coffee, espresso, Fieldwork beers, select wines and locally sourced food options, or plan a visit via our calendar of events.

Do you offer Wi-Fi? Is it free?
Yes, we offer business class stable/fast public Wi-Fi service for our coffeehouse patrons. We want you connected to the big world out there. We also want to encourage the function of the coffeehouse in our community; a gathering place for people to meet, connect, discuss, visit, learn, share ideas, and hang out.

Is parking available at East Bay Coffee?
The short answer is Yes!
The longer answer is that parking varies from day to day and time of day but East Bay Coffee is never far away from the perfect parking space. Street parking on San Pablo Avenue is the first choice. There are also several public parking lots right across San Pablo to the west as well. Please see our location map for the specific closest parking lots. There is a 15-minute section right in front of the coffeehouse on San Pablo Avenue, perfect for your grab and go needs.

Are there other forms of transportation to East Bay Coffee?
Yes! You are invited to come and walk the “Old Town” area of Pinole and discover Fernandez Park, the Saturday Farmers Market, the Pinole Senior Center, the Pinole Youth Center, and many other fine restaurants all in walking distance from East Bay Coffee. We are conveniently located near a WestCAT bus stop that services route C3, Express route J, and Saturday only route 19. We also offer bike racks to securely park your bike as you enjoy East Bay Coffee.

Does East Bay Coffee support music and the arts? Yes we do. We are a music and arts driven destination venue. Check out our events calendar and catch a book signing, art/photography showcase, live music concert, poetry slam, or instructional teaching sessions. 

Other notes- We are looking to be a complimentary addition to the "Old Town" business community in addition to being good neighbors. Help us by parking in the designated public parking areas and on San Pablo Avenue and NOT parking on Rafaela St. which is the street directly behind our building. It helps our neighbors as well if we remember them by quietly leaving our evening events. Cheers!