Co-worker Statement

We thought it relevant to post the female co-workers statement due to the misinformation being shared by Robinson R., publicly. 

“I followed procedure to address a non-sexual customer concern. That concern was received and effectively resolved to my satisfaction by EBCC. I was not fired. I continued working comfortably for the remainder of my time there and do not need someone else to speak on my behalf.” - female co-worker referenced by Robinson R., on which his claims are based.


A former employee is leveling some serious allegations against EBCC online and is currently picketing in front of our storefront for a few hours on the weekend. He is alleging to represent another employee in an incident with a customer. He is pushing a false narrative with false facts. We have been advised to post a statement. We want to thank everyone who continues to support EBCC.

East Bay Coffee denounces the claims being made publicly by Robinson R.

1. No EBCC employee has ever been fired for reporting sexual harassment.

2. No EBCC employee has ever reported an incident of sexual harassment.

3. Every employee who Robinson approached refused to participate in defaming EBCC.

4. The female, who Robinson is allegedly defending, has negated his entire narrative— her public statement confirmed she did not report a sexual harassment incident and was not fired.

East Bay Coffee stands against all forms of harassment including defamation, cyber bullying, and extortion.

East Bay Coffee will continue to be a destination venue for music, art, great drinks and food. Our well established policies ensure a positive safe place for customers and employees alike.